DataZone Analytics

The analytics platform provides a 360° view of your students.

The DataZone Analytics platform integrates multiple data sources, like school district student information systems, state assessments, district assessments, College Board, and social-emotional learning (SEL), to visualize information for decision-making.

With secure district partitions, federated authentication and role-based authorization, the analytics platform enables districts to see a 360° view of their students in near real-time, provides a longitudinal look at students’ progress through multi-year filters, and supports proactive interventions with early warning dashboards and on-track graduation indicators.



Visually appealing dashboards let teachers and administrators do high-level overviews or analyze individual student data, all with just a few clicks.


Your standardized and local assessment data is all here in one location with intuitive reporting tools that make it simple to compare, analyze, and present in a variety of formats.

Student Groups

Are your interventions effective? Find out for certain by creating custom student groups on the fly and monitoring outcomes over time.

Early Warning

The power of predictive analytics will help ensure the success of your most vulnerable students.

Data Security

Protection of student data is crucial to DataZone’s successful operation and your peace of mind, so we work diligently to ensure that all data in our care is secure, confidential, and private.


Our team of experts is ready to guide you when you join DataZone, and they’ll make sure you have all the help you need as you start using this powerful new tool. And, you’ll have regular opportunities to share successes and challenges with your professional colleagues in the DataZone User Group.